Impressions from Microsoft Technology Center – Part 1

I have recently had the great opportunity to participate to the performance testing of an application at the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in Paris.

First I was sent on a mission to install and configure the infrastructure required for the application. I have spent a full week at MTC, and with great help from the technical consultants at Microsoft Technology Center, I have installed a SQL Server failover cluster with 2 nodes and 4 SQL instances, 6 BizTalk virtual machines configured in NLB, MSDTC and BizTalk Single Sign-On (SSO) in cluster.

The environment at MTC is great. Their datacenter is like Alladin’s cave. They have all sorts of servers, storage and devices. For this project we used Dell servers and Compellent storage, to name just a couple. They are also exhibiting a lot of cool devices, and they were offering daily tours to scholars and students. In short, it is a great environment and a great experience to work there.

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