Impressions from Microsoft Technology Center – Part 2

After installing the infrastructure, I was asked to provide technical support during the performance testing period. So I headed again to Microsoft Technology Center, this time together with a great team of consultants from Codit, the developers of the application: Toon Vanhoutte, Sam Neirinck and Jonathan Maes with the remote support of the colleagues via Skype, including Wim Vlayen from the test team who was executing the tests remotely, and changed his profile picture to a black cat, for luck. We had also received great help and recommendations from Basile Joly, a consultant at Microsoft Technology Center. I was assisting with the configuration changes and collecting the performance counter logs.

The tests were successful and we obtained the performance targets with half of the initially estimated resources.

For me this was a great experience, and I am very thankful for having this opportunity.

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