Happy Easter!

The nature is in full bloom. Happy Easter!

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Happy New Year 2019!

Happy New Year 2019!
La Multi Ani!
Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!
Bonne année!
Ein gutes neues Jahr!
Boldog Új Évet!
Gott nytt år!
¡Feliz Año Nuevo!
Felice anno nuovo!

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Votez DA la referendum!

Adica sunt de acord cu modificarea articolului 48, alineatul (1) din Constitutia Romaniei in:
(1) Familia se întemeiază pe căsătoria liber consimțită între un bărbat și o femeie, pe egalitatea acestora și pe dreptul și îndatorirea părinților de a asigura creșterea, educația și instruirea copiilor.

Asa consider ca este bine, din punct de vedere natural, moral si religios.

Foarte multi au invocat faptul ca pe buletinul de vot de la referendumul din 6-7 octombrie 2018 va fi inscrisă o alta intrebare: „Sunteti de acord cu legea de revizuire a Constitutiei Romaniei in forma aprobata de Parlament?”.
De ce intrebarea face trimitere la legea adoptata de Parlament si nu spune nimic de familie/ casatorie?

Legea nr. 3/2000 privind desfășurarea în general a referendumurilor (legea cadru), la capitolul Referendumul pentru revizuirea Constituției precizează, la articolul 7: Cetățenii care participă la referendum au dreptul să se pronunțe prin „DA” sau „NU” la următoarea întrebare înscrisă pe buletinul de vot: „Sunteți de acord cu legea de revizuire a Constituției României în forma aprobată de Parlament?”.
Prin urmare, aceasta este formularea standard impusă de lege pentru întrebarea ce se pune la o revizuire constituțională.
Sursa: Agentia Basilica

Lista sectiilor de votare din străinătate este disponibilă pe site-ul Ministerului Afacerilor Externe.

Un scurt istoric al referendumului pe Wikipedia.

Mai tarziu: Am votat!

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Microsoft Ignite 2018 – Day 5

In the last day of the conference I was scheduled fully at the hands-on labs, from morning to noon.

I met with Emanuel Ceciu, Gheorghe Dobrea and Angela Dobrea and took a picture “All Star Romanian Trainers”

In the conference theater, Mikael Niehaus, Ami and Johan Arwidmark were playing Configuration Manager Jeopardy. This quickly became a tradition, it is lots of fun.

The conference ended at 2.00 p.m. Just before, it came the announcement: next year Microsoft Ignite will take place again in Orlando, on Nov 4-8, 2019.

Until then,  Microsoft Ignite – The Tour will be organised in 17 cities around the world, with the best sessions from the conference.

Big Thank You for Microsoft and Learn on Demand Systems team for enabling me to be part of this experience!

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Microsoft Ignite 2018 – Party

The attendee party was organized at Universal Studios. This place is amazing, it is like a big studio set.

There are surprises at very corner and everything is built at smallest detail. If you are visiting the Orlando area, this is definitely worth a visit. Plan for at least 2 days to see it entirely.

It rained most of the time, but still I was able to take some nice pictures. I only visited the old part of the park and ride in only 4 attractions. There is an entirely new park right next to the old one, but I was not able to see it. Maybe  next time.

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Microsoft Ignite 2018 – Day 4

The conference center is huge. The first pictures are showing a small part of West concourse. Sessions are also taking place in Hyatt and in South concourse.

When I arrived on Day 4 at 8.30 a.m. at the hands-on labs, the Expo was not open yet, so the place was empty. I took some pictures with Marius Constantinescu.

Ten minutes later, all the places in the Modern Desktop Deployment area were full. The Learn on Demand Systems team quickly made available the labs in the Data/AI section. All labs are running in the Azure cloud, so the system is very flexible.

In the afternoon I went to see Mark Russinovich session – Inside Microsoft Azure Datacenter Hardware and Software Architecture. The queue for entering the room was extending to the other side of the big hall.

The session was full of demos, showing the latest Azure features. Mark saved the best for the end: A virtual machine with 250000 IOPS for storage.

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Microsoft Ignite 2018 – Day 3

On Day 3 in the morning, after escaping a crocodile and having a good breakfast at Denny’s, I went to the conference center. The video wall, TV studio, Technical Workshops and expo theaters were already full.

At hands-on labs I was in the same shift with Emanuel Ceciu, Marius Constantinescu and Angela Dobrea. Let there be light!

At the System Center Configuration Manager booth, the message on the screen was “ConfigMgr is not going away”

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Microsoft Ignite 2018 – Day 2

Day 2 I was on the morning shift at the hands-on labs. I have all my shifts in the morning, which is convenient because I have the entire afternoon available.

It was a busy morning, the Modern Desktop Deployment area of the labs, where I was assisting attendees, was continuously full. There were a lot of questions and requests for support.

So many participants were requesting Office 365 trial subscriptions to perform the labs that the network was blacklisted, and no new subscriptions could be made. Luckily, the technical team found a workaround.

In the afternoon I watched sessions live streamed on the big wall. It is very convenient to watch live, instead of walking one mile across the conference center!

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Microsoft Ignite 2018 – Day 1

On Monday morning I went directly to the conference center. The keynote was already full and people were redirected to other rooms where the presentation was streamed live.

The large screen in the expo hall is actually an area where attendees can watch different sessions using headsets. Very convenient, instead of walking 1 mile across the conference center.

In the afternoon I already had my first shift at the hands-on labs. The Autopilot and Co-Management labs with Intune and System Center Configuration Manager were already very popular.

In the evening there was the Expo reception. I went around to take some pictures. The Intune and System Center Configuration Manager booths were very busy. Microsoft team and MVPs were answering questions.

Please see the recording of the Keynote and top presentations on the conference website
Microsoft has published 27-page booklet with all the news
Follow Microsoft Ignite on Twitter – some fun tweets

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Microsoft Ignite 2018 – Day 0

It is a long time since I last attended Microsoft Ignite 2015 in Chicago. This year I was again selected to participate as a Technical Learning Guide together with other 60 fellow Microsoft Certified Trainers to help the attendees to perform the hands-on labs.

Conference actually started on Sunday, with the Pre-Conference Workshops. I did not registered to any of them, so I went to conference center to collect my badge. Orange County Conference Center in Orlando is huge. Microsoft Ignite is taking place in all concourses, and several sessions are taking place in nearby hotels. Also this year, Microsoft Envision, a business oriented event, was co-located with Ignite.

The conference center seemed empty, but was a long queue at registration with attendees to the Workshops. Fortunately went quickly, after 15 minutes I got my badge.

With nothing to do until afternoon, I went to a Barnes & Noble bookstore and to the mall. A lot of people were buying the new iPhone Xs.

I returned to conference center in the afternoon and attended the TLG orientation, then I had a chance to see the preparations in the expo hall. There is a huge wide screen on one side of the hall, and also a TV studio.

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