TechEd Europe 2010 – Day 0

Yes, the conference starts only tomorrow, but for MCTs helping at the Microsoft TechEd Europe 2010, this was actually the first day.

I did arrived in Berlin since yesterday evening, so I spent the morning walking through the city, from Alexander Platz to Hauptbahnhof, taking pictures. Will post some shortly.

In the afternoon I took the S-bahn train to the conference center. Here, the 45 MCTs that are serving as Technical Learning Guides with the Hands-on Labs gathered for a briefing. Lots of known faces, I will try to introduce some of the trainers that are attending TechEd this year.

There are some changes on the Hands-on Labs. First the labs are running centrally from a datacenter located on premise. The labs are accessed from the workstations using a web browser. This will allow for rapid provisioning ans start-up of the labs and at the same time is requiring less resources on workstations and the use of less expensive hardware.

Another benefit is that all 196 labs will be available at all workstations. No more search for a free spot at your favorite lab. One can take any lab from any workstation. Thi will mean however more work for us, the trainers, because we have to cover the entire room. With a little bit of organization we think we can do it. Let’s see.

A lot of interesting sessions in the presentation schedule as well. I have already made my short list. I will try to share impressions after atending them.

Looking forward for a great conference !

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