Stupidity at Brussels Airport

Because I cannot call this security…

I had a flight yesterday from Brussels Airport. I arrived 2h 30 min before the flight. There was a long queue extended in the parking with people waiting to pass the “security” check. I stayed 2 hours in the queue and when I finally got to check-in it was too late, check-in was closed.

I stayed for a while to contemplate the chaos: people running, someone panicked in the queue and was given first aid by other passengers. There was no way out, I had to make my way through the queue back to the parking. The queue was now even longer, running twice through the parking area.

This are useless measures, the people sitting in the queue are the perfect target for Belgian terrorists (yes, those attackers were Belgians, don’t start me on this).

And then this idea strikes me: they are not protecting the people, they are protecting the airport building. They failed to understand the first rule of security: The safety of the people always comes first.

That’s stupidity not security!

Later update: The departures hall was partially re-opened on May 1st, but the “security” checks and the queues are still standing strong.

According to the airport president, the measures are imposed by police syndicates. It is bad when syndicates are deciding on security measures.

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