Impressions from ITCamp 2016 – Day 2

Day 2 was full of sessions, at any given time there were 5 sessions in parallel. Paula Januszkiewicz, who just arrived from another conference, delivered two full room presentations.

I have attended an MVP side meeting organized by Microsoft Romania with  Laurent Ellerbach, Technical Evangelist Lead, Microsoft EMEA, Dan Mihaescu the new DX Lead and several other Microsoft colleagues.

Peter Leeson had a standing audience with {Talk with no title} in which he designed the presentation based on attendees requirements. Jayson E. Street had a very entertaining session on physical security and social engineering.

Tim Huckaby returned to ITCamp and demonstrated several natural user interface applications and HoloLens.

Raffaele Rialdi and Damian Widera delivered additional sessions. Alessandro Pilotti, Adam Granicz, Thomas Maurer, Boris Hristov, MICHAŁ SMERECZYŃSKI, Laurynas Dovydaitis, Andrea Saltarello were the international speakers that presented in the second day.

Also in the pictures, Romanian speakers Alex Mang, Dan Danciu, Ionut Balan, Mihai Nadas, Silviu Niculita, Andrei Costin, Razvan Rusu, Florin Loghiade, Claudia Jelea, Alex Moldovan and Ciprian Jichici

In the last time slot of the day I had the presentation on How to deliver an Enterprise Mobility Suite Proof-Of-Concept. Yes, that’s a Chimay on the table.

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