Head in the clouds: Summer trip in Bucegi mountains

This year I spent again my summer holiday in Sinaia, Prahova Valley, Romania. This gave me the opportunity to walk on my favorite mountain track in Bucegi mountains.

The trip starts in Sinaia, a holiday resort and home of the Peles Castle – former summer residence of the Romanian kings. From the railway station, a short walk to the telecabin, and ascension to Cota 1400. This will save 10 km of walking uphill on the road.

From Cota 1400 a track under the teleski and telegondolas is climbing to Cabana Miorita. From there an easy path is avoiding the climb to Cota 2000, going around the mountain and then directly to Cabana Piatra Arsa (Burned Stone).

From Piatra Arsa there is one hour walk to Babele (Old Ladies). The site is rather busy with tourists taking the easy way with the telecabin from Busteni. I decided to go further to Vf. Omu (Man’s peak), a two hours trip.

The track from Babele is climbing slowly from 2200 m to 2507 m at Vf. Omu, and I was literally with my head in the clouds. Funny enough, in the valley there was sunshine. Just before arriving at Vf. Omu, a summer rain started, and I got my feet wet. Luckily I had a raincoat and my MVP jacket 🙂

Vf. Omu cabin is just a refuge, there were no places to stay (unless reserving in advance), so after drinking a couple of hot teas, I took the track back to Babele. The rain stopped just before arrival, allowing me to take some more pictures of Babele and the Sphinx. Two hours of waiting at the telecabin and I was down in the valley in Busteni. The trip took a total of 10 hours.

In the previous years I have also took other beautiful tracks, climbing from the valley from Busteni, however they are rather difficult and recommended for experienced mountaineers.

Bucegi mountains are beautiful, Please take a look at the pictures below. If you are planning a trip, I recommend getting a local guide.

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