Great event – IT Camp 2011

I want to share my impressions from the great event I have attended this week in my home town Cluj-Napoca.

IT Camp 2011 conference was organized by the IT Spark and CodeCamp communities at the Golden Tulip Ana Dome hotel.

The location was perfect, allowing the organizers to have rooms for two tracks, a larger one for the keynote and Developer track and the smaller one for the ITPro track.

I had one presentation and a demo and also offered to record all presentations on video. So in the morning I went two hours earlier to setup the equipment. the organizers team were making the latest preparations. At 9.00 a.m the  participants started to arrive.

After a short introduction from Mihai Tătăran and Tudor Damian, the first presentation of the day was delivered by Sebastian Vîjeu and Petru Jucovschi from Microsoft Romania, on how to build automated testing labs using private clouds and Visual Studio TFS.

The second general session was Imported from Japan, Kanban, by Stephen Forte from Telerik. Very entertaining presentation. 

Then the conference was split in two tracks, the ITPro and Developer sessions. I had the first presentation on the ITPro track with an Introduction to System Center Configuration Manager 2012.

On the Developer track there were presentations by Florin Cardaşim, Mihai Nadăş and Ciprian Jichici.

On the ITPro track Tudor Damian had a presentation on Private Cloud and Tudor Galoş talked about Windows Intune.

At the end of the day the participants gathered together in the bigger room to attend the open panel discussion which was very animated.

On second day the Developer track had presentations by Melania Danciu, Gabriel Enea, Tiberiu Covaci, Raul Andrişan and Cătălin Zima-Zegreanu.

On the ITPro side I did a demo on SCVMM 2012 together with Tudy Damian, then Paula Januszkiewicz had a great presentation on Passwords secrets revealed. I can tell that she created great concerns in the minds of administrators attending the sessions. Some of them said they will check their password policies the next day.

Also on the ITPro track were presentations by Cristian Lefter, Paul Roman and Alessandro Pilotti.

Then the participants joined again together for the closing keynotes. First Mihai Tătăran had a session on how to migrate an application to Windows Azure.

The final keynote was delivered by Paula Januszkiewicz on the 10 Deadly Sins of Administrators in regards to Windows Security. Very solid session and a great way to end the conference.

It was overall a great event and I am looking forward to the next one. Congratulations to all those who contributed to this event. Well done !

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2 Responses to Great event – IT Camp 2011

  1. maktub says:

    sesiunile au fost inregistrate, le puteti posta?

  2. astoian says:

    Da, am inregistrat aproape toate sesiunile pe video. Acum sunt la editat.
    Organizatorii inca mai discuta varianta de distributie cea mai potrivita.
    In forma bruta au aproape 10 GB.

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