Optional: Download prerequisite files for the Configuration Manager 2007 setup

During Configuration Manager 2007 Setup, the latest Configuration Manager client installation files will be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

If the server on which you perform the installation of Configuration Manager 2007 does not have access to the Internet, the files need to be downloaded manually and copied on the server. This is the case with the virtual environment we are preparing.

The procedure described below can be performed on a Windows XP workstation which has a connection to the Internet.


  • A Windows XP workstation with connection to the Internet

Installation and Configuration

  1. Insert the Configuration Manager 2007 installation CD in the CD-ROM drive.
  2. Launch a Command Prompt and enter the following commands:



setup /download c:\Prerequisites

Where D: is the letter assigned to the CD-ROM drive.

  1. The Setup will connect to the Microsoft website and will start downloading the files. Note: If there are connection errors, check the proxy settings for Internet Explorer.
  2. In the Success window click OK.
  3. Copy the C:\Prerequisites folder with all content on the server where you will perform the installation of Configuration Manager 2007.
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